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Monday, April 7, 2014

What We're About

We'd like the Bethel community to be more aware of the injustice that occurs everyday throughout the third world. We are largely inspired by the Half the Sky Movement. One of the best ways to combat world poverty is to support women's education. There's this strong opinion in many of these countries that women shouldn't get the same education as men or are worthless because of their gender. We, as a world, are not using all our resources if we continue to let so many women continue to be oppressed and mistreated. We are inspired to not only educate the Graham community (and beyond) but too do our part to stop some of the injustice. This is a lot easier than it sounds and one of the ways we are starting to contribute is through Please join our efforts and join our kiva group.
For just $25 you can change a life, get paid back, and help someone else, or take it out, either way you are making a real contribution.

To learn more about the Half the Sky movement go to:

 Please put questions, comments, and concerns in the comments or message me through Kiva. I'd love to hear feedback and suggestions of what to post and how to spread the word.

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